About Us

Our Mission

The Ames Progressive Alliance is a growing local organization with the mission to lead Ames to a shared, vibrant and prosperous future by leveraging community resources for progressive priorities.

The Alliance is changing the way people view their local government.
With your help, we will continue to do more than just build a better community here in Ames, we will inspire others to reinvent their own communities, empowering people everywhere.

Social Justice

Everyone deserves to be valued for their humanity.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Working to make the city of Ames accessible.

Environmental Resources & Renewable Energy Management

Sustainable Economic Development

Resident Empowerment

Engaging local government to include diverse voices.

The Ames Progressive Alliance is led by a steering committee, and consists of action teams who coordinate with partner organizations. Do you want to lend your talent, compassion, energy, or critical thinking to progressive causes? We’d love to hear from you.