APA is proud to support Inclusive Ames. Inclusive Ames is a coalition of dedicated action teams committed to making sure Ames an inclusive community where differences are valued.

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You can be a part of this. Get involved in one of five action teams! All are welcome.

Sanctuary Commitee – Creating sanctuary and safe zones for the Ames community.

Community Survey – Research to discover the needs of our diverse community regarding transportation, housing, social connections, respect and safety.

Conversations and Trainings on Inclusivity – More education is needed on issues related to inclusivity, including bystander intervention, examination of privilege.

Youth and Schools – Focused on better addressing achievement disparities in the Ames Community School District.

Civic Engagement – Answering the question, “How can we get more people engaged in local progressive leadership?”

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Visit inclusiveames.org for more detail and updates on action team progress.

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