Inclusive Ames: Toward Building Community: First Understand Ourselves

From the organizers: Ross Wilburn, Diversity Officer at ISU and Associate Director of Community Economic Development, will lead discussion and activities about community and diversity. Participants will explore the dimensions of diversity that they personally bring to the community and/or work setting and work to better understand how these differences can be either strengths or … Continue reading Inclusive Ames: Toward Building Community: First Understand Ourselves

I Dance with Planned Parenthood

From the organizer: Dance and celebrate Planned Parenthood as we raise money for reliable and affordable Women’s Healthcare in Iowa. Liz Bennett from Iowa’s House of Representatives will be speaking along with DJs who are volunteering their time mixing up music for a great cause.

Camp Wellstone Iowa 2017

From the organizer: As we look ahead to our goals and plans for this year, one thing is certain: our country has a crisis of leadership. We know that organizing at the local level, to recruit new leaders, refute bad policies, and hold our public officials accountable are the most powerful strategies we have to … Continue reading Camp Wellstone Iowa 2017