City Hall, Ames Iowa

Join us at the City Council meeting on Feb 14

Show your love for Human Service Agency Grant Programs in Ames!

Join the Ames Progressive Alliance at the Ames City Council meeting on February 14, 2017 to show your support for local human services funding!

When: 5:15pm, Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Where: Ames City Hall, 515 Clark Ave

What’s going on?

In 1986, Ames voters passed a local sales tax via a public vote. That vote was based on the idea that some of the money would go to decrease property taxes and the rest would go to human services, the arts and community betterment.

Since then, many dollars have been going to items historically paid for by property taxes. These monies could be used to help our local human service organizations instead.

In February of 2016, the Ames City Council directed staff to create a new way to give more of these dollars through a Human Service Agency Grant Program. This program could fund one-time items with the available sales tax dollars that are left over year to year. Council has allocated $200,000 this year and $200,000 for next year to this new program. The amount of money left over this year is over $1.3 Million.